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May 5, 2011

We're fixing up the joint!

Since we added on the house a couple of years ago, we have had some "cosmetic" things to fix! Andrew asked me a couple of weeks ago, would I rather go away for about three days for a "mini get away", or would I rather fix up the house. Well, after some serious consideration, I made the adult decision that we have to get this house finished. So, Andrew began two weeks ago....the long process of tearing out drywall and fixing flooring and such. Some of the ceilings weren't completely drywalled since the addition, so those are now done! The hallway closet has a working door and no hole in the floor!! Allison now has drywall on all of the areas of her room and it is painted the prettiest shade of purple. I have decided to accent her room with black and white and I have some really fun ideas for that. I bought some black with white polka dot fabric to cover her shelving that holds her clothes. Should be cute! I am also going to make a large silhouette of her and put it in a shadow box for her wall. Anyone got any ideas, share em!

Andrew finished the laundry room and now it is a nice fresh shade of yellow. Nice and bright. We have the baby chicks in there right now, so when they are bigger this month, I can move them out and have my folding table back! Now I have the table completely cleared of clutter and so I can fold clothes in there! YEAH!

Still doing a lot of "spring" cleaning. Thinking of having a yard sale next week to get rid of some of this clutter and make a little cash. :)We have the boys room to carpet and repaint. That will be a week long venture in itself. Not looking forward to that one! Lots of purging has to happen in that room. Why are boys like that? So smelly and they just cram all of their clothes away and they look like they have slept in their clothes all night? I am hoping that Allison will be neat and tidy but I know I am living in a dream world! We have the kitchen ceiling to finish, but we are thinking of removing the faucets from the top of the cabinets to raise them up a bit. That will help me out a bunch since my microwave is so close to my stove top that I burn myself on the microwave when making pancakes on my griddle!! Hopefully this can be done before too long, but right now I think my husband deserves a much needed break. :)

I will attach pics later when the rooms are completely done, still some organizing and decor to do, but hopefully I will have those done by Monday!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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