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October 11, 2010

Cute ruffle toddler skirt out of an adult t-shirt

Oh my goodness. When I found this tutorial on this skirt, I couldn't run out to the thrift store fast enough! It is made from two adult medium sized t-shirts. You can use three or even four to make four different colored ruffles if you want to. Don't you just love recycled projects! It was super easy and I plan on modifying this to make a dress, maybe even a shirt! I will post the link to the tutorial after the picture.

Enjoy! If you make one, you need to send me an email and pic of it.

Tubs are fun even without water....

Andrew and I were busy talking upstairs on Saturday, when I realized that Allison was in our bathroom being very quiet. Hummm. Did she get on the potty herself? She is completely potty trained,except for nighttime, even during naps, but she just cannot make it onto the big potty herself without her stool. I peek into the bathroom to find her and her blankies and dollies and books, yep, in the tub! I shot these cute pictures of her playing in our bathtub. Who needs a bath in the tub to have fun?! Not Alli...

Double Yolks!

What a surprise to us when Harrison cracked open one of our fresh eggs to find....double yolks! I have never seen one before.

Happy Monday everyone!

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

October 8, 2010



Since we don't do any schooling on Fridays, I have decided that that is the day to get the sewing machine out and sew! Today, I sewed Allison an apron. I have been wanting to sew her an apron for a long time now, but I have been looking around for inspiration. Today, I must have had it! I found some really cute fabric that I bought two years ago to sew Alli a dress with. Still in the Joann's bag, I discovered it last week! I was so thrilled that I had the stuff to sew an apron with! I am going to start doing tutorials for people, I just wanted to make sure that this patten that I made works. I added rick rack, a pocket and I made this flower/button embellishment. I am so happy how this turned out! I need one just like it! I am still on the hunt for the perfect nightstand to make her oven with and when I find it, I will make the small curtain for it out of the same fabric. Maybe even a chefs hat and pot holder! Enjoy your Friday!!

Yummy pocket!
On another note, I made really yummy chicken tacos last night. I had chicken breast and just made a marinade from olive oil, mexican seasoning(found at Safeway) and chopped fresh cilantro. Grilled them up, steamed corn tortillas and add some sour cream/salsa sauce, YUMMMMM!!

October 5, 2010

Allison's ABC book

I had first seen this idea from a friend right after we moved here. I didn't really have any kids that were young enough at the time to really enjoy this great idea. Thank God for Allison! I got to make her this awesome book! I used a 6x6 album from Stampin Up. They sell pads of 6x6 papers, so you don't even have to trim them to fit in the album! How easy is that? I love this idea because I can use up all the scrapbooking stickers that I haven't used and probably will never use. I also had some die cuts that I cut out when visiting my sister in Utah. We used to have so much fun looking for the perfect die cuts and making them at the scrap stores there...:) I also used photos to coordinate with the letter. For B I used Brothers, and D Dad. She loves this book! If you are especially short on time, you could just use all photos and do a book through Snapfish. I used  older photos because most of my photos from 2005-today are digital and not printed out yet. She still recognizes everyone! If you have a toddler at home, I recommend making this awesome keepsake! Have fun!!

She approves! My next project is a DIY play kitchen made out of an old nightstand! I cannot wait to make this! Allison loves being with me in the kitchen, so this is perfect. I can make it small enough to fit in the kitchen with me!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

October 3, 2010

Family Family Family...

We had a great time this last weekend. We performed at the Habitat for Humanity Opry fundraiser which was a great hit, and we visited with two sets of family members up for the weekend. What would we do without family? We love and appreciate them so much. In hard times, we need them to help remind us that we will never be alone as we will always have family.

We sang "Get Down on your Knees and Pray" and "Slumber my Darlin'". It was extra special for me, because I got the pleasure of singing while my brother in law, husband and oldest son played their instruments. Life is good.....

Luke, Jon,Andrew and I getting ready to sing

Allison and Tyler <3

Elizabeth and I at Denny's after the Opry

The boys

Lee and Ginger

The super hungry kids!!

The coveted sour cream coffee cake from the cake walk

Thanks for making the trek up the mountain to visit. Y'all come back now, ya hear!

October 1, 2010

Allison loves the Guitar!

Looks like we will have a new musician one day in our family. She loves to sing and "play" the piano! This excites me so much. Enjoy the pictures. Happy Friday everyone!