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September 21, 2010

I have twin nephews!!!

I have been busy holding, hugging, kissing and snuggling with my new twin nephews this last weekend in Phoenix. What a blessing. My sister in law was supposed to have her scheduled c-section on the 23rd, but the boys had other plans. She delivered them on Sunday at noon. We have no birthdays in the whole month of September on Andrew's side of the family. The only event is my mother and father in laws anniversary. The twins were born 46 years to the day my mother and father in law took their vows. I would say that Marisue and Scott gave them the two best gifts anyone of us could ever give them on their anniversary!!They are in doing so well. Daniel Wayne weighed 6.5 and was 19 1/2 inches long and Dean Hamilton weighed 7.3 and 18 1/2 inches long. Very nice sized twins! She delivered them at 37 1/2 weeks, so they had more time in the womb than most twins! I asked Marisue if there were any other twins born at the hospital that day, and in fact, there were. About an hour and a half after Marisue had her boys, another set of twin boys were born! They only weighed 4 1/2 pounds each. Daniel and Dean are almost twice their size!! My sister is the true rock star who gave birth to 13 1/2 pounds of baby! So proud of her. I will post pictures later. Just got home today, and I am so tired!! Love to all!

September 17, 2010

I will try, try again!

Well, sadly, Allison could not get her little butt into those skirts! :( That is my fault for making them while she was asleep and  I didn't measure her. I just went by another skirt she had, and I guess forgot to  add for seams! When I make new ones, I will post a pic of her in them. Luckily, I have more fabric!

It all began with a quilt

So, since fall is around the corner, I have had a bee in my bonnet to sew or make something! A couple of months ago, my mother in law and I sewed two crib quilts in a weekend. Here is one of the quilts we made and I just adore. It is made out of flannel.

That was a couple of months ago. I haven't touched my machine since. I love to sew, but sometimes I just have to have the right excitement to sew again. I was online looking for ideas for things that I could make Allison for Thanksgiving. I saw an idea for a tiered skirt. I said, I can make that without a pattern! So off I went, to my closet, looking for scraps. I was so excited when I found the scraps from this quilt! I had plenty to make her a longer type skirt and it was flannel, so that would be perfect for fall and winter church days! Now I need to find her some brown boots at the thrift store! Here is the skirt:

These flowers are from Stampin' Up. They are felt flowers and I added a fun button in the middle!

So, you would think that I would be tired and done, but no! I found some other cute chicken fabric from a quilt I made a long, long time ago! Allison loves our "chichens", so I had to make her this one too!

So, then you would think that I would be tired and done....nope! I found some felt that I was going to use to make her some play food. Here is her breakfast that she woke up to this morning....

I had so much fun making the felt food. I have plans to make doughnuts and cookies and even fruit! I will post when I keep making. I will also post pictures with Allison in the skirts when I get the chance! Hope you have enjoyed these things as much as I have. Happy crafting!

September 8, 2010

Coconino County Fair 2010

Whew!!We are finally done with fair. It was so much fun, but it is always alot of work! We were busy washing chickens and putting our 4-H photography together all last week, all for one full weekend of craziness. During the washing and drying of birds, we left the back door opened so that Allison could roam in and out of the house while we were busy. She loves being outside. Well, during the course of washing and drying, we heard her crying and low and behold, she had fallen. :( See picture below....

Here is Tyler drying his chickens, Mr & Mrs. Smith

Harrison had entered some potted plants in the floriculture building as well. Here are his creations he and
grandma came up with. He also did a cactus garden, but the picture did not turn out well.

Harrison's succulent garden. He won Best of Show!

Harrison's kitchen herb garden. He won first place!

Here we are at the fair entering our chickens. This is pretty much before all of the madness of showmanship and judging.

We were so happy to have family come in on Thursday night to watch the kids at fair. Is is nice to have them every year without fail.We had showmanship on Friday, and the poultry showmanship always lasts forever! Harrison was a Junior poultry showman this year. Last year he came in around 6th place, but this year he bumped up to 4th! He was excited. He was only 14 points away from winning Reserve Showman! I am sure this will be his goal for next year. In all the seven years that Tyler has shown poultry, he has either gotten Champion or Reserve showman. This year, he was beat out by two girls! He did come in third, but he was still alittle sad. It was nice to see someone else win for a change! He had to show as a senior and he was going up against some stiff competition. He knew it would be work!

Tyler and Morgan with their show birds

The kids eagerly studying before they show

Poor Alli with her hurt face

Allison watches her big brother show his lamb

The boys getting their market birds judged

Auction was a little bit sad. We sold our animals and had to watch them get loaded up in the big truck on Monday. Tyler wasn't sad at all. How could he not be? Mellow the lamb was a great part of our family for 5 months! Oh well. I am happy that I don't like eating lamb. Otherwise, I would think of Mellow every time. So, this year, the Hamby's didn't take home Grand or Reserve and didn't win anything extra special, except for Harrison's plant, but it was a good time! See you at fair next year!!