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February 27, 2011

The Stomach Flu has hit the Hamby house :(

Went to prayer at church tonight only to come home to two frustrated brothers who informed me that their sister has thrown up twice. :( She was crying when I got home and so happy to see us that she seemed fine. I thought, oh great, but at least it is done with. That was at 6:30 when she started throwing up. It is now almost midnight and she has consistently thrown up since. She has been drinking lots of water, except it doesn't stay down. Poor girl. She just cries and cries. I know it hurts and doesn't feel good. I hate throwing up as an adult! YUCK! No thank you....Hopefully, since we are all washing our hands with scalding hot water and singing the Happy Birthday song twice, we will stay away from the virus. Pray for us! Tomorrow is Andrew's birthday and I am sure that he doesn't want a house full of pukers! I might wait a day or three to make him his cake...We shall see!

February 19, 2011

Andrew's new website

Just a quick note to plug Andrew's new venture....

Check it out!