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October 8, 2010



Since we don't do any schooling on Fridays, I have decided that that is the day to get the sewing machine out and sew! Today, I sewed Allison an apron. I have been wanting to sew her an apron for a long time now, but I have been looking around for inspiration. Today, I must have had it! I found some really cute fabric that I bought two years ago to sew Alli a dress with. Still in the Joann's bag, I discovered it last week! I was so thrilled that I had the stuff to sew an apron with! I am going to start doing tutorials for people, I just wanted to make sure that this patten that I made works. I added rick rack, a pocket and I made this flower/button embellishment. I am so happy how this turned out! I need one just like it! I am still on the hunt for the perfect nightstand to make her oven with and when I find it, I will make the small curtain for it out of the same fabric. Maybe even a chefs hat and pot holder! Enjoy your Friday!!

Yummy pocket!
On another note, I made really yummy chicken tacos last night. I had chicken breast and just made a marinade from olive oil, mexican seasoning(found at Safeway) and chopped fresh cilantro. Grilled them up, steamed corn tortillas and add some sour cream/salsa sauce, YUMMMMM!!