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October 3, 2010

Family Family Family...

We had a great time this last weekend. We performed at the Habitat for Humanity Opry fundraiser which was a great hit, and we visited with two sets of family members up for the weekend. What would we do without family? We love and appreciate them so much. In hard times, we need them to help remind us that we will never be alone as we will always have family.

We sang "Get Down on your Knees and Pray" and "Slumber my Darlin'". It was extra special for me, because I got the pleasure of singing while my brother in law, husband and oldest son played their instruments. Life is good.....

Luke, Jon,Andrew and I getting ready to sing

Allison and Tyler <3

Elizabeth and I at Denny's after the Opry

The boys

Lee and Ginger

The super hungry kids!!

The coveted sour cream coffee cake from the cake walk

Thanks for making the trek up the mountain to visit. Y'all come back now, ya hear!

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