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March 3, 2011

Kolachies with Grandma

Ok, if anyone knows the Hambys well, you understand their love of the kolachie. I mean....L O V E. Some of us don't really care for them, but most of the time, when a new spouse comes into the family, or child, they love them and understand they are a rare item to see on the counter top at Grandma Linda's kitchen. Usually the new ones will grab one right out of the oven, only to burn their tongue on it's hot, PIPING hot, apricot filling. Some have tactics. One brother in law, to remain nameless, said, that he grabbed one when they came out of the oven and no one was around to see, so he slowly savored it. Then when the feeding frenzy began, he was in the kitchen grabbing three more, only he had already had one! This is how much the Hambys love themselves some kolachies. Traditional kolachies look like sugar cookies with a dollop of raspberry jam in the middle. These are much different. They are little flaky pastries with a apricot filling in the middle. The obsession with them? They take awhile to make the dough and then it has to sit overnight. Then you have to roll out the dough, divide evenly, and then you get the idea....lots and lots of work. My husband is lucky to get them on his birthday. I am pretty sure I could have whatever I want if I were to make these for him...but I don't even like them myself, so I don't. Here are some pictures I took at Thanksgiving time with Grandma showing yet another granddaughter how to make the kolachies. So cute.

I also forgot that this was the time that Allison had fallen, so look at her poor eye :(

Drooling yet?

What a great memory these photos will be later on for Allison. I am so happy to have them.
I will post a picture of a cooked one soon....

Good night all,

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