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March 3, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas Part 2

So sorry it has taken me so long to finish this post! We have been sick and out of town.

Day two in San Antonio, we went to the town of Gruene (pronounced Green) and what a quaint little town. Lots of cute shops and restaurants and one of the oldest performance halls around! We had alot of fun going from shop to shop and I especially enjoyed the coffee shop!

After getting my espresso, so good..We hopped over to this cute little cupcake shop. I loved it!! As you can see by the pictures. YUMMMMMM!!

Say hello to pumpkin spice, red velvet and vanilla bean....

Must say that the red velvet was probably my favorite. They added mini chocolate chips to it. YUMM-O! The vanilla was so fresh and just amazing...I cannot even describe how good of a vanilla it really was. Pure. The pumpkin spice, moist and delicious. Hard to pick just one, so I sampled them all! They were so cute.
Only open until they ran out of cupcakes. Love it.

Then we did some more shopping, to burn off those cupcakes, and I came across a rock that looked like the state of Texas!

Sorry it is sideways, but you get the idea...

The Gristmill Restaurant on the river and in an old cotton gin.

We loved Gruene! Cute shops, good food and a fun time! So we drove back to San Antonio to rest up and get ready for another fun filled day. Except, yep, it decided it was going to rain! Yea, I hadn't planned for that. So we drove back through Gruene to the outlet malls to shop around. Then, we just drove around looking at the different towns. Really cute places. I really didn't take any photos that day, because it was rainy. We asked different people we knew where we should eat while in San An and my sister in law Crystal told us that if we wanted something different and crazy, to try this place called the Magic Time Machine. Then she told me to make sure that I asked where the bathroom was while I was there..huumm. Well, we were all game and gave it a try. It was super eclectic. Kind of like Red Robin meets T.G.I.Friday's meets Chili's meets Bucca di Beppos, well you get the idea..CRAZY! Our waiter was dressed up, and I think he really believed that he was, Captain Jack Sparrow. He was alittle too flirty. He asked us lots of funny things that I will not post here and I am not sure why he asked why the rum is always gone, when I do believe he might have been into his "cups" before work. He gave us (temp) skull and cross bone tattoos and took our order. We were warned that the food was so-so, so we knew were were there for the flavor of the restaurant and not the food. We were beginning to think that this was just a place for families, yes I think it was. He wasn't our only waiter, we also had Ace Ventura, and this guys had to be the real one too...He was pretty funny. Anyway, after we orderd, Captain Jack took us to the salad car, yes I said car. I didn't take any pictures while I was sorry!! It was a VW Bug with the salad bar in it. It was cute! Our food was pretty good, no complaints and I just waited to hear someone ask to use the bathroom to see what was up. It was clear that it was hard to find for a reason. One lady did at another table and Captain Jack shouted " OK, she has to use the bathroom, line up and here we go..." he took all the ladies and a guy to the bathroom muttering, "Hope we don't run out of toilet paper!" Thanks, Crystal, glad I saw that coming before asking!!

On the day we left, I took some pictures of the inside of the hotel. So cute.

Original elevators, the new ones were around the corner
So on our way out and about for the last, rainy, day in San Antonio, we ate at this restaurant near the airport that a local had recommended. Apparently there was a flood, I cannot remember when, but everything in that part of town was ruined but this one restaurant. You can defiantly tell while in there because it leans and I mean leans.We were really glad that we were referred this place because the food was wonderful! It was alittle hard to eat and look out the window, it really messed with you, but was a find! Even the drinking glasses leaned!

Here is their website, but it is under construction
Even with all the rain, the crazy waiters and cold beach, it was such a good time among sisters. I know that mom would have been proud of us coming together to remember her. I thought of her everytime I looked at jewelry, or anything shiny.We laughed about what mom would have said if she was with us on this trip. In a sense, she was. I am so happy that I got to have this time with the two most special sisters and friends that I have. Thank you mom.We will always think of you and miss you....

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